Blooming Dreams

General sɯǝod


After long, long times I got time to look back

Where I left the garden barren

Flower dried up in the vase alone

And I thought I was nowhere, I was none!

Gusty with blew up all through

Few letters, few words although-

Dressed me up with full of love

And I realized those blooming dreams

White, snow white like cherry flower

One you told when will they shower?

Then came the lost time,

I got lost in the middle track of life.

Such is life, my friend

And so our dreams

I am just in need of you,

To color over my dreams yet left to bloom.

Few words are always vague

Even fewer are understood

Some are blurred with brine tears

Some are faded away with anonymous fear.

I’m still the same my love, so unchanged

I’m drowning myself in a world of insane.

Lot of stories left unturned,

Lot of letters yet to write O sweetheart!

Will you wait for me, till I reach the brim?

You’ll be given a love, with full of blooming dream.  

Author's Notes/Comments: 

7th June 2017

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