As Pressure Diamonds

subtle ties bind me hold

shifting eyes gazes cold

wonders about beaten blind

shifting winds with haunting sighs

as does gallant whipping bare the supporting thighs

as does a stranger put on a deceitful guise

and yet ye showed fork'ed tongue of innocent lies?


do i know ye brother nay need sire sir?

could one not think themselves any higher cur?

nay nor be a man of simple treasures

of skin of tease or sinful pleasures

ghostly and demeaning as apparitions seize

scuffle and rot with fainted knees

a sign of relief is all ye sought

and turning cheek is what ye brought?


a pin to your chair backs pained of labor

as does a mother lay sicken with fever as wonder

pace oneself of hate and hearken

a man known to fate is driven to darken

yet passionate plays tune ones own soul

and to please diminishing conquer is one young ones goal

even is as a darkened lump’ed coal to pressure one day to fines’ly glow.

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