Reincarnate the debate which elates my fallopian tubes,
Exuding my presuming-ly appre-hensed actions as they are see-n,
It’s Apollo to my motto that sizes up my reactions as I feel stiff as a manikin,

Fore if I am fake then none is at steak except I feel raped by your previous state-ment,
As I hate, hate, hate is it not
For if not hate is what I feel then a star of fluttery hope must I steel.

You could not get here soon enough as my times have been rough,
You ask if pained but I say, “Just a scruff”
And you say Tuff Tough.

I saw the sky last night and it lit up… my soul
with a score of dreaded sorrow and so may I borrow your know
the know to show no fear or desire a vacant expression of cold derision

Is what you feel to me a cold vacant hole I forgot to feed
Deprived Derived and that was when saturation arrived
In the form of a seed.

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