A Light?


Flashes, vibrant and skittish,

What? Danger!
Refrain to hide, Deny fear,
Defy logic,

A blessing holds us through,
A scent of liberty, remembrance,
Shocking! Visually filling, savoring.
Ah! Oh! Invigorating,
Stop all you’re doing,
Come, Come! See this Trip,
Son et lumiere...

A clash of the Gods,
Thunder Blow's,
Thump, Thud, Thadoo!
Count the ways away,
Realize appreciation, for a pride... To live!

Visually Savoring,
God's gift of fathom,
A shifting scene? His striking fulmination!
Admirable destruction,

Author's Notes/Comments: 

 When making this poem I was thinking about the passing of time and how much like lightning it is gone in a flash... but, it's okay because the appreciation for life is much like a light show which is very visually savoring and God's got a plan for us all... evolution. Undecided