I Must Be A Freak.

I must be a freak.

That's not so terrible, I think...

Maybe that's why

All my friends pretend I'm dead.

I've turned into a complete freak.

No longer do I question what I think.

But I feel too much,

There should be "Freak" warning sign

stamped on my forehead.

It hasn't quite hit me yet.

The shock phase is wearing off

Faster than my waterproof mascara is crying off

I think I might just die,

Of heart-break,

This is more than my meager heart can take!

And you lie, you are nothing more than a fake!

And maybe it's who you pretended to be

That I love,

That made me fall for the lies you weaved.

The needle you stitched,

You embroidered so lovingly,

You patched my broken heart,

The heart of a freak.

And now you ripped,

Torn are all my seams.


No one can put back together


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