life goes on

Babe, I love you and always will,

even though our life together isn't always a thrill,

my heart still continues to grow fonder of your presence, especially as we grow together and learn life's lessons.

In know you feel overwhelmed at times but you have to realize I will always be here to catch all your tears,

on my shoulder you may rest your head,

just imagine it is a bed for you to unload all the weight that you may carry,  but just a little more hairy.

We will go through good and bad happy and sad,

but you need to know we will be OK,

and that is always the case regardless of what anyone might say.

I will love for rich times I will love you through the poor,

to me  your my wife and I am ready to do this for the rest of my life. If you are ready I would like to get married to you,

and only you, but only if u say to me I Do.

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