‘twas the day

when freedom spoke once more

in the hearts of every one

it prodded them to move

to the streets of EDSA

they converge together

armed with nothing

but principles they’ve gathered

blaze of brotherhood

emanated from the people

consuming each soul

bonding them as one

a historic moment

for this country we call our own

a loud cry was heard

reverberating through every corner

with hopes for freedom

in this beloved country

sweaty and weary

pangs of hunger encountered

but nothing had stopped the souls

to end this nobled quest

holding on to the thin thread of strength

side by side with the uniformed men

victory was finally handed

God had blessed His people

in this hallowed ground

a witness for all generations.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The story of our country’s bloodless revolt the second time in EDSA.  
It was called People Power II.  The first one happened 15 years ago.  The people united as one have played the greatest role in this historic moment of change.  I am greatly honored to be part of history, marching and shouting in the streets, fighting for the good of all.

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