Your kiss and caress,

The warmth of your breath,

No longer shakes me.

Gentle whispers,

With your lips on my ear,

No longer do I want to have you near.

Yet I see the longing in your stare.

I feel the urgency in your accidental bumps.

I know what it is that you want.

You’ve lost that right,

That privilege to have me.

I will no longer be there when you need me,

As much as you might want me too.

I will no longer soothe you when you’re upset,

Despite how much you call.

I can’t believe you’ve thrown this away,

When you once had it all.

Do you roll over in the middle of the night,

Thinking I’d be there?

Do you turn to tell me something,

Yet you don’t find me there?

Does it hurt to be so disappointed,

Not to find me when you need me?

I should hope so.

Now you’ll see a glimpse of what I felt,

When you broke the heart,

I so willing handed to you.


My lost love,

You are receiving your due.

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