For Raine

The miles stretch out between us, The distance seems so great; The future speaks of uncertaintly and hints about the cruelness of our fate.  And even when your near, you seem so far away and that's my greatest fear, That you'll be gone someday. That you'll be moving on with out me, leaving and taking with you my heart; leaving me to cry, out in the rain, screaming out for you in the dark.  My loneliness leaves me frightened and in my mind, questions race unasked; some speak of the clouded future, others bring up the problems of the past.  I try to rush to your side, only to find your not there; the tears start to call unchecked and my heart begins to tear.  But leaving you is not a option, For my love belongs to you alone; So I'll wait, the tears in my eyes, until the winding road brings you home.

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