The bird that created our world

A long time ago the world used to be an egg in the middle of the universe, then it magically cracked and a beautiful yellow bird with small wings was born.  That bird was called Piolín. He ate all the remains from the eggshell and then he had to potty. After he finished the whole thing a few days later, a lot of the bird came out and that became the land of our present Earth.  From the land, a lot of little animals were born and they happily walked on the land, but only Piolín could fly all around the place and see everything in the world he had created. He said to his creatures: “You, my family, are going to be very happy in this home that I created and you should take care of it”.




One day a big three came out from the land and it was so tall that the animals could not reach its fruits. One of the animals was tired of eating from the land and he said: “I want to eat from that tree!”  Piolín answered to him: “you shall learn how to fly in order to eat out of this fruitful tree.” So many animals learned how to fly and they were called birds, like Piolín.




Another day there was a big rain and rivers, lakes, and oceans were formed. A land animal said “Oh, I’m very thirsty, if I could only get in the water without drowning!” Then Piolín answered to him: “You shall learn how to swim in order to enjoy the freshness of the water”. So many animals learned how to swim and they were called fishes.




Later, another land animal wanted reach the top of the trees but he didn’t want to fly like the others. He said: “I don’t want to fly, I want to do something different”. Then Piolín answered: “you shall learn how to climb and you will be able to reached the top of the trees”. So many animals learned how to climb and they had several names like monkeys, bears, etc.




After all kind of animals were created a whole new world was born, it was called Pioland. All the animals eventually learned how to get along even though they were different from each other and did very unique things. Piolín was very happy with his new world and embraced his new family!                                    




The End.


Victor Rdz.

Selene Hdz.


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