In rushing wind

book 11

Mountain peak height piercing the sky

     brushing its peak black clouds roll

piercing lightning does flash and thunder does roar

     cold heavy rain drops begin there to fall


Hot barren rocks quenched by its fall

     air becomes chilled and with moisture full

heavy it falls down bare mountain side

     rushing so quickly in gathering speed


barren rocks give way to patches of soil

     green bushes there to perilously cling

stirring now rustling in gathering breeze

     begin to be whipped by the growing cold wind


ripped free leaves flying in the wind

     rushing among the now growing trees

roaring now the wind gathers voice

     trees stand against the roaring gale


down in the valley green grasses do grow

     sunlight so bright does gently fall

upon colorful blossoms do grow

     and wonderful glory of bright summer day


slowly now the blossoms dance

     in a cooling gathering breeze

growing now into pleasing wind

     bringing joy in its refreshing flow


in the meadow she does walk

     gathering flowers on summer day

thinking of the one she loves

     who for now as far away


breeze is felt in auburn curls

     bouncing dancing by its flow

streaming forth so bright and long

     flowing softly about her face


eyes of blue to glitter bright

     reflecting of the joy she feels

full red lips that he loves

     smiling now in summer breeze


wind does blow past her now

     pulling at her flowing dress

showing forth her form divine

     lush full curves and flowing lines


on winding path on mountain side

     descending now out of the trees

this vision now before me appears

     bringing full of joy within


cooling wind blows at my back

     speeding my steps down mountain side

bringing me closer ever to my love

     who before me in meadow does dance


scent the pine and falling rain

     mingles now with flowers sweet

flowing across the grass is there

     a full richness that fills the breeze


my steps to her do almost dance

     moved to the rhythm of my beating heart

and of the love I feel within

     nature's music on a summer day


within the wind and on the grass

     together now within each other's grasp

in bright sunlight and cooling breeze

     together now on gentle grass



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