At the rail

book 11

Golden sunlight softly falls

     on the cottage by the shore

and the woman standing there

     on a summer day so warm


roof is batched with grasses dry

     and of golden wood 'tis built

things of life shaped by man

     forming all that he would have


windows made of clear hard glass

     framed with metals dug from the earth

there that one can freely see

     all that there outside may be


sharp hard corners of shaped wood

     beams of wood that would restrain

boundaries they do define

     of those things that safely be


nearby lies beach of sand

     where the waves do lightly lap

sound does call to those near by

     to come down and in them be


no warm breeze the air does stir

     cooling warmth of sultry day

of hot flesh in sunlight lit

     so creamy smooth and            tan


standing there gazing out

     forms of curves full and ripe

long brown curls hanging down

     golden lit by sun light


lines of fabric pulled so tight

     colored with colors oh so bright

some are straight by the weight

     others curved filled so full


bows are tied to restrain

     with loose ends to pull free

that would cast all caution aside

     freeing things that might be


gaze does cast across the land

     full of challenge of what might be

unto those who quest may take

     to enter in an treasured take


upon this scene I do gaze

     and feel the challenge that there be

stirs within desire to undertake

     of the quest it does present


to ascend to where she stands

     and of her challenge to under take

that I might rise into the quest

     and have the strength to succeed







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