In falling rain

book 11


In hot sultry heat of afternoon

     electric charge in the air does grow

every touch with tingles filled

     tension swelling growing is


soft breeze whispers through

     pressing cloth again swelling curves

moisture clinging showing all

     soft warm drops begin to fall


lush full redness of cherries ripe

     pressed with promise against the lips

filled with moisture to set free

     in the promise of coming storm


gentle touches placed upon

     flesh that trembles still contained

growing tension of coming storm

     flashes of lightning illuminating all


slowly gently do they fall

     growing moisture warm and free

quicker now with growing force

     till full crashing of raging storm


lightning flashes and thunder roars

     slowing now the rain does fade

full wet drops slowly now

     till only warm mist remains


gentle breeze does clear the clouds

     soft light does fall on everything

revealing that which was not known

     that now may grow after storm

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