Noon day sun

Wind of Change

Blue sky arcs high over my head

     light blue like a hummingbird's egg

soft and clean going over all

     blue the calls within my heart to me


Golden sunlight shines down upon me

     warm and pure filling my soul

warmth that covers me in its glow

     as I walk upon the grass green


gentle breeze blows carrying to me

     the sounds of laughter's as children play

full of joy and happiness here this day

     calling to something deep inside of me


a longing strong within my heart

     pulls at me as I turned my eyes to see

parents and children's families there

     together and play happy and free


and I wonder as I watch

     perhaps somehow I've just forgot

maybe it was once for me

     just as the sight that I see


emptiness within my heart and mind

     a longing for that which never was

could it be that somehow I forgot

     perhaps somehow it really was


I do not believe that could not be

     if such joy there ever was for me

somehow that I could ever forget

     if such a thing there ever was


never did I play with them

     never such joy did I share

never together did we play

     under sky in light of sun


oh that it might have once been

     what memories that might fill me

playing laughing together us

     in a park upon the grass


filled with sorrow I turn away

     such joy with them I never knew

how could it have been was it I

     perhaps a child's fault it was


I do not know I cannot tell

     it was not and I know not why

days spent in light of sun

     under sky of blue on grass so green




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