The smoke rises

In a quiet sunlit room

 free from the world

  without the things

   that fills other rooms


A bare wood floor

 white walls without

  pictures nor windows

   nothing to think upon


I enter in

 close the door

  drop the world

   open my mind


I carry with me

 a stick of incense

  a stand to hold

   a match to begin


I sit on the floor

 cross my legs

  calm my breathing

   prepare to start


Set down the stand

 place the stick within

  strike the match

   light a flame


the incense burns

 the fire bright

  then it flitter

   flame no more


I put down the match

 lean back and breath deep

  rest my hands on my knees

   grow quiet and watch


Smoke begin to rise

 wavering and scattered

  disquieted by moving air

   set moving by my movement


Smoke slowly quiets

 moving straighter into air

  up to the ceiling

   making a small cloud


The rising smoke shows

 my every move

  each breath

   perhaps even thought


I seek to see

 no movement

  no scattering

   no change


Just smoke rising

 up and up

  without change

   without moving



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