Onward it comes

         Onward it comes,

         with many ware's.

         To sell to me,

         for a price so low,

         I could not say no,

         to these,

         from many.

         To look anew,

         upon the world.

         To have again strength,

         that now is gone.

         And to know my dreams.

         These it will sell me.

         And for a price so very low,

         surely I'll not say no.

         And yet,

         still more.

         Before my eyes,

         it's wares I can see.

         A free,

         clean mind,

         with all dust blown out.

         And to do with ease,

         that which other men but dream.

         All this,

         much more,

         and still for a price so low.

         All it's asks,

         is but for a third,

         of all my life to give.


         but a third,

         is all to pay,

         the price sleep asks,

         of me.

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