Love's black wings fill my sky

Love's black wings fill my sky.

Darkening the sun that was my life.

Leaving the valley of my heart without light.

And in the darkness all seems ill.

Of love my mind sees only pain,

the anguish and endless torment.

And each time the pain seems greater.

Although before I felt no pain could be more.

And now I fear to bear more.

Now I run from the change of love to be.

I fear love more than a knife that will pierce my


and end the life that lingers there.

And although I know not love,

neither do I now fear of it ending.

And the suffering I will be therein.

Pain that would cut to the very soul of that which

I am.

Yet still love will come.

And I know it to will come with pain.

I live in the fear of this,

blackness dwells in my heart.

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