As we walk up the hill

As we walk up the hill

the last of the day's once firm hold

weakens on the world

till as we reach the top

it falls away

and night slowly begins to fold about us

and as the towns and cities below us fade

overhead in the sky

which was a dome of blue

blue that left with the sun

slowly coming at first one by one

when by two and two and then by threes

till coming faster that the mind can count

the stars awaken to await the moon

who at its coming will rule the night sky

and now we turn about

to look down upon the towns and cities below

that now seem to mirror the sky

or perhaps to be another sky

we turn to look into the others eyes

eyes that are filled with the pure light of love

and with the hill as our alter

and with the stars and moon to watch

we tell the other of our love

swearing to it forever

swearing to seal our life's together

and to make our dreams and hopes one

we kneel hand in hand

and pray to God that we may come to his house

and there for him to seal our love forever

so that our love will never die.



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