The Preacher

Long ago back in the day

When my beard was full

My hair wasn’t gray

Had a bike and used to ride

Had a friend from LA

He had been to Nam

Had worn as badge

Tough as nails hard as steel

One day word came around

He was down and feelin’ bad

Going to kill him self

And anyone who came around

A friend is a friend

A good one is hard to find

And there’s a bond

You don’t set aside

I got my bike

And I set off

Wondering if so I be dead

Knock on his door

And waited in dread

He opened the door

And looked me in the eye

If you’re going to kill yourself

Can I have your bike

He smiled and said

You wouldn’t want that

It got too many problems

I just wanted

To see who were my friends


Come on inside

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