Slowly in the dark street I walk.



Slowly in the dark street I walk.

My footfalls echo with emptiness.

Black shadows lay across my path.

Closed windows like eyes see nothing.

This way I walked has found its end.

Now into a square I've come.

Across its vacancy many ways doth go.

To be walked together hand in hand.

My path across goes to nowhere.

I just walk there by myself.

I walk tonight no place to go.

Wandering I know not where.

I have no aim my dreams are gone.

The star I followed has plunged down.

Once it was the brightest star.

Once then my dreams knew no bounds.

Then I walked and knew the way.

Each moment has like a day.

Now she's gone I know not why.

Now alone I can only cry.

I wish the tears could wash away,

the dark gloom that hides the day.

Hides the noon that we met.

Hides the joy and love we had.

Hides the memory of how it was.

Now she gone I know not why.

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