What fools we are within our walls

        What fools we are within our walls,

         that we have built to keep others out,

         with many stones cut with care to fit.

         Stones of fear, hate and greed.

         Stones of envy and much, much more.

         And to fill the cracks,

         thro they be so small,

         lies a plenty.

         And upon their tops,

         To be their crown.

         A crown of thorns with many barbs,

         of distrust and unyielding in our ways.

         These are but a few of which we build.

         Some walls are thin,

         many are wide.

         And very few,

         all too very few are thin and hard to see.

         May ours be one of the very,

         very few.

         And but small fools we be.

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