I am with great sorrow

         I am with great sorrow.

         And I cry within my heart.

         For in my life there has been great lost.

         For my love that knew no bounds,

         went from my life,

         and left me lifeless.

         I've knew dreams of greatness.

         To take long labor to from.

         Torn down from the sky,

         and cast to the earth,

         to be ground under foot.

         I have lived with my soul in darkness,

         I went alone cast out of the light.

         And many things more,

         which cast long shadows,

         and endless pain within me.

         And at some times,

         as indeed now,

         I know only that which was dark in life.

         Thinking light will never be again.

         And the good I have know,

         is liken to dreams in the night,

         Which in the dawn is never coming.

         The dawn I now await.

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