If they say ill of me

         If they say ill of me?

         Then we'll let our tears be,

         the drops of dew falling from the leaves,

         before the morning sun.

         And the wind howling in the night our cries.

         And in the new day,

         with actions true,

         going beyond their words.

         Showing the good of our beings.

         That none but fools,

         and the deceived,

         will believe the dark words.

         The fools we cannot help,

         so we will cry for them.

         And those deceived,

         to help to the sun's light.

         So that all the dark,

         will lose their hiding,

         and be seen false.

         And chains of darkness,

         will no longer hold captive,

         those who heard dark words,

         yet looked not to see the acts.

         And in this we'll be known.

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