Memories which were thought hidden sprang forth like a rushing river and drowned me in a sea of rage

 You should have never left me for another

 You left me to sink in a sea of pain

 Why is fate so cruel to laugh in my face

 Taunting and shaming me to disgrace

 I thought we were to last forever

 We were supposed to always be together


 Setting the pictures aflame; gasoline and a match to purge my memories of you

 Sets sparks that fly then shower around me like rain

 You will remember my name

 You will never wash yourself of the shame of the string of broken hearts you left in your wake

 Now the funeral is set to go

 My heart has died and is buried

 Tucked away in the unforgiving deep

 Rest now, dear heart and go into eternal sleep

 If you think you win, then you're dead wrong


 Burn and purge these bitter memories away

 Cleanse my soul of your sick disgusting sins

Till my mind and my soul are free of your grip and my body can take another trip

There are other ones - more worthy of me in store


 My tears are like rivers

 A smile on my face

 I've purged you out of existence

 I am light


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Getting over a bad breakup

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