Past and present


The land once was a prisoner of the sea
each separated but no sight of a boundary
their rolling alone to different rhythms
difficult to picture
like an atom or a fragmented poem
slowly ground began to fracture that great azure
it spread out its limbs and branches rippling wakes
performing an astonishing show of expansion
nearly never again would it overtake
like so long ago in histories canyon
countless is the number of each their faces
with much different libraries seating endless pages
who shall ever truly interpret their phrases
but symbols in darkness have subtlety and noise as stars
we owe so much to distance
also we pluck another for the jar 
The dreary moon holding the waters in balance
such a minuscule cranny of the galaxy we occupy
humming through a colossal world we are but houseflies
space teems with events that devastate while forging and constructing
copious holes are foundations but can be fallen in
our nook can so silently obstruct
going beyond the visible spectrum brings new vision
to see finally strata that long disguised 
had  stared us in the eyes
though the wood and reef still have vast spaces to clarify
the cosmos is a huge webbing of galaxy highways
opposed to cars when crashed they create star and planet ballets
the more immense the blast
more does it downpour droplets herding worlds
so spacious is symmetry yet large the breaks and contrast
thrown in a stream and swirled
the banks too steep and glassy for strength to overcome
on some sour journey came an ambiguous trick like a spasm
Though it seemed clearly we escaped that whirling stream
the sense persisted that it drowned us to the bone
coming and going moments when we envisage some theme
but there is left always something unsewn 
What does it look like so far
we are dredging down an unknown road
from the conclusions we still are barred
by the scale of stars we are overshadowed
these just barely a dot nested upon this universal window
Author's Notes/Comments: 

any and all comments or critique is welcomed and would be greatly appreciated.

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