Second BEST


Best friends become second with love

Sorrounded by feelings that you can't keep track of

What if something shifts along the way?

Life turns upside down and the norm runs away?

Comfort in a friendly companion

somehow you find something beautiful but dim

after loves gone, how can you see

something real inside of both you and him?

Knowing that he is awesome for years

Knowing you're buddies through tough gears

Hoping you're ready to move on

Who knows what's really going on

Happiness subsides yourself

somehow you've got it all

even after the last time

you really never fell that far

second is best, first is the worst

never wanna know which one is really cursed

but you see the side of you that wins

for once in your life you wont give in

It gets tired after awhile

holding pain on a pedestol high

thinking this is it

but seeing something on the other side

feeling something real for the first time

second doesn't feel runner up

it seems for real the way you feal

for the first time, second is always best

experience gives you knowledge

nieveness gives you commeness

what can you do with your life?

filled with loss and strife

what's a poor girl suppose to do?

sit around and wait for the first?

knowing that it has always been the worst

Or can he be a best friend?

Someone that knows you thick and thin

inside deep within

can he be the second?

Or was he the first to see?

Can life go on happily inlove withsomeone

other than the first?

is he cursed?

Is second best?

Oh hell yea yes

whats a poor girl supposed to do?

But realize what she has to do...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm inlove with someone better than my first love. In every way. Is that o.k.?

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