I punched that demon right in her fiery loins

I have fallen prey.
For I am just unlucky.
I wish to go away,
But lustful demons,
Lie in wait.
I wish I was home.
I went to some party far from home.
Where alcohol mixed with underage women fall prey,
To the drunken, and perverted who wait,
For one of these girls to get unlucky.
Helpless I watch, drinking, surrounded by demons.
If only they would leave me alone and go away.
I walk away.
From this sinful home.
I am still followed by demons.
Circling me like vultures prey.
Their timing is unlucky.
I turn around, and wait.
"Where ya going, wait!"
"Why are you going away?"
"How unlucky."
"Your ex-fiancé left you. Take us home!"
I do not wish to fall prey,
To the lust of demons.
Pretty, young, hormone raged, alcohol induced, horny demons.
These party girls did not wait.
Man eaters they consume their prey.
I ask them nicely to go back, and go away.
There is not enough room in my home.
"It's a shame, how unlucky."
My friends say I am unlucky.
I have no business with my demons.
I am finally home,
And away,
From falling prey.
To fall prey is an unlucky,
Fate to turn away the demons,
That wait at home.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this sestina at work inspired by a christmas party I went to after my ex-fiancé left me.

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