Ease of ecstasy

Put your body at ease.
Relax, and enjoy the ecstasy.
The lights are dim to a subtle color.
The feeling of you close hints intensity.
Shallowed breaths make a soft sound.
The soft silk you wear touches my skin.
The heat radiates from your smooth skin.
I hold you in my arms, and set your mind at ease.
Our breaths are the only sound.
Every kiss is ecstasy.
We kiss with increasing intensity.
We stop, and my eyes met yours, a deep brown color.
I can not forget that color,
Or your fair skin.
Our love escalated to intensity.
With you I feel at ease.
Your presence puts me in a state of ecstasy.
I drown out the noise, your voice the only sound.
Your voice, a sweet sound.
Your hair flows down to your shoulders in waves of chocolate color.
The high I get from you is like ecstasy.
The feeling I get when we are skin to skin.
The feeling in each others ease.
The feeling of love's intensity.
When it is just us, we are in a state of fevered intensity.
Any moment with you is sound.
Every evening with you is heavens ease.
You bring my life color.
My fingertips stroke your skin.
My touch sends shivers of ecstasy.
Passion builds in ecstasy.
Desire builds in intensity.
The heat between us creates dew on our skin.
We hold each other, in still sound.
My vision blurs and so does the color.
You rest your head and sleep at ease.
The ease of ecstasy,
Brings color to intensity.
Our breaths the only sound as we lay skin to skin.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this at work. For Kayla.

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