My Happiness


On this beautiful morning

the sun shines with a brillance

that makes the dew on

the green grass sparkle.

The flowers sway in the gentle breeze

and the trees russel

with a howling whisper.

I walk along the quiet street

feeling overwhelmed by the

beauty I see around me.

I view this scene as a

snap shot of my myself

within my body I ooze

with pleasure,

with happiness.

Holding my daughter's hand

we look at each other and smile.

We glide through this moment

as if it will never end

feeling humble



As we walk we feel the breeze

running through our hair

the soft kisses of the sun

makes out skin glow

allowing us to look like angels

if only for one moment.



Jan. 1/11

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dear Matty,

dare completed!  smiley

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