Up or Down, Left or Right?

Soul Searching

Soaring birds in the brillant blue sky

make me want to fly

into a new dimension of myself.

Letting go of my reality,

My mind wonders

feeling beaten

like waves hitting rocks

on the eastern shore

slamming with a powerful force

created by nature.

My heart beats rapidly in my chest

knowing my life is changing

with no possible way of stopping it.

I see two outcomes

both so good it makes me melt

however I fear both.

They are so fantastic

it puts pins in the tips of my fingers,

making me uncomfortable

to experience the feeling.

To love

To touch

To let go.

I fall into daydreams

wondering who I will become

into which outcome will I partake

Will I slam into the rocks with a powerful might

or will I soar through the brillant sky

never to touch down?



Dec. 30/10

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