You & Me

I feel on edge
Wanting you here with me
To hold my hand
Caress your lips on mine
It feels like forever and a day since we last seen each other
Laughing, smiling, loving
With a heavy heart I want you here
But know it will all end so soon.
Pain serges through my veins
Making me fear what is to come
To know we will be away from each other for so long
How does it get easier
What will make the pain in my heart and mind take another route?
Answers are buried within some unknown space
Keeping it all a secret from my fragile state of complete destruction.
I love you husband
I fear the future
What will it do to us?
Break us apart on different life decisions
Or keep us together holding out for each other as time ticks away during this painful experience we call a lifestyle.
I want you
I need you in every shape imaginable
Will you ever stay with me
Or disappear into a million different pieces in many more places far away from my love I harbour within my soul. I fear.
I long for.


Dec. 14/10

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