You & Me

As the day pass

I think of you often

Your smile,

Your laugh

Your touch.

I wonder to myself how lucky I am to have

you in my life

But I am hurting.

This hurt I feel stems from anything else


It kills my soul

It infects it with sorrow and loneliness

It tears it into pieces and spits on its puriness.

I feel empty without you

All I want is to have your hand in mine

to feel you looking at me in love.

As the night passes I sleep

Having dreams of our love and 

in this moment

I can see your face

It's not real, its fake

but in those few minutes

I see you

I hear you

I can feel you

around me,

around you


I wake up

knowing it wasn't real

And I am sad.

I miss you more

It's terrible

I hate it!



Jun. 25/10

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