the failure

Sergio  Yrys


Martha Gonzalez

At first everything was a “big nothing” without life, but one day two gods decided it was time to create the world, so they created the land and sea, giving way to the vegetation. The trees emerged and so were the fields, to grow the plants, flowers, and food. These first steps filled the world with new smells and colors.


Later, after they created the environment, decided it was time to create living things who praise them as their creators of the world, it was at this time when they create the animals, large and small, all kinds of different species. However, when they finished the work they asked to the animals to worship them, but when they discovered that the animals were only able to produce unintelligible grunts, they got mad. 


This failure did not stop the gods, they decided to create humans. The problem was that they were made of clay, so the results were pretty bad, because the humans could not stand up by themselves, and the rain destroyed them, the humans were unable to speak and reproduce, so this task was another failure for the gods, but despite this new failure the two gods did not give up, they created a new human, this time made of wood. Those humans could walk, reproduce themselves, and dwelled the earth. But then the gods realized that these beings had no memory, they had no soul and therefore they were not able to remember who had been their creators. The gods got angry again and decided to send a deluge that would end with these wooden humans so ungrateful. Most of them died, and those who survived were transformed into primitive creatures, monkeys!


Finally when the animals took red and white corn to the gods they thought that it would be a good idea to use this material to create the perfect human being so they created the meat with white corn and the blood with the red corn, as a last attempt, there were four different men. This new being had overwhelming intelligence. They knew everything, watched everything, and understood everything.


Humans being were so smart that they realized all the things they could do, ambition made them powerful and ruthless, they were victims of envy and greed and men felt themselves as superior as their creators. They exploited nature and ended with the last beasts of the earth so their existence had no reason to be for the gods and then they decided to destroy their creation and the world came to the end.


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