Self Promise

In shadows cast by sorrow's weight,

Where hearts are bruised and spirits ache,

Be sad, be frail, a tangled state,

Yet strive each dawn, anew to wake.


Each day's a step, a silent plea,

In brokenness, a spark of fire,

To mend what's torn, to slowly see,

A heart that heals, climbing higher.


Find joy within the simplest touch,

A bird's sweet song, a soft embrace,

In whispered winds, in moments such,

Where light and hope begin to trace.


Turn back and see the miles passed,

The strength in every stumble found,

The path you've walked, the shadows cast,

The victories in silence crowned.


Look forward to the road ahead,

With courage born from battles won,

For in each day, a thread is fed,

Of dreams and dawns yet to be spun.


Be sad, be a mess, but always try,

Take each day with tender care,

In healing's arms, let sorrow lie,

And find in small joys, love's repair.

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