A Touch Of Class

Satish Verma

The tree, the sky, the moon, of 
summer prick the eyes. 
We suffer majestically. 
The aberrations will 
now rule the city. 
Incorruptible winds 
languished in crooked lanes. 
A pale hand will paint the unlatched doors. 

When stars meditate in unison, 
moon upcurves. 
The blue becomes dark, 
my eyes climb the hill. 
The day has ended without a conclusion. 
Clouds are frightened. 
Virtue when cuts open the heart, 
it does not bleed. 

Pseudo reality reigns, 
and we amputate the limbs without analgesics. 
The philosophy of being 
is quietly murdered. 
Green leaves start dying. 
A terrible dream flicks the hope, 
a touch of class with littleness.