Heart Unsnaps

Satish Verma

You gave me a name without asking. 
History of my pain 
did not need any label. 
I recalled only 
the blooms of bougainvillea, 
not the heat which gave them color. 
My burned lips 
remembered only the dew 
and rear view of life. 

The total otherness of the moon and stars 
did not heal the scars. 
My perceptions had 
given me hot tears. 
How the distance between us 
created the schizophrenia? 
The familiar laughs 
have frozen after all! 

In the middle of night I lie awake 
to count the door 
and the closed windows. 
I listen to the moaning of walls. 
My eyes remained half-closed in freckled sleep. 
Heart blinks, unsnaps 
and weaves a moon.