Second-Hand Event

Satish Verma

Movement spurts the truth- 
an endless journey. 
The constant search for beliefs creates confusion. 
Craving and wanting 
generates more conflicts. 
The meaningless life drifts. 
Can you go beyond your dreams, 
beyond your yearnings? 

I wanted to disagree with death 
the ultimate truth. 
Life had many connotations, 
there was no deliverance from reflections. 
No freedom from trepidation 
ego was the last refuge. 
The ending of self 
did’t take you to liberation. 

Urremitting flow of time 
awakens your soul. 
Stillness of thoughts opens 
the muted doors of meditation. 
It suddenly transports you to the otherness. 
You are not your name. 
The indulgence to self 
becomes a second-hand event.