Let Me Go Into Snow

Satish Verma

Audacity to live with your demons, 
putting up a fake love belief, 
who was the time, 
of that dark night? Distinctly alive to what 
I was not just putting up the shades of death 
into nothingness of peace in war. 

Searching for self in capacious hope, 
was it the half-light of a moon, 
slipped on the words of a hoisted grief? 
A wild truth was better than silken ribbons 
of fabricated lies. I am tired of playing 
games on the turf of synthetic desires. 

It would be time again, for what was time, 
encapsulated in crazy dialogues of taking on 
a chaste enemy. I will give my life for 
a bright red rose in absence of sun, drenched 
in fire and burning in dew drops, for the 
flowering of melting snow.