sometimes in life, 
suddenly stars might stray, 
drifting so faraway 
from their orbits
into new galaxies.

and when they do
I can't help but wonder why paths would cross 
if they weren't meant 
to be...

perhaps, is it to catch 
a glimpse of what was
or what could have been
that wouldn't be
to finish what was started 
or what was left
an unfinished mystery
in the thick of things

is it a mere coincidence;
a happenstance 
or perhaps fate just
playing tricks on us?

or could it even be 
there is a lesson or two 
that life is trying to teach us,
but we're failing to see....

whatever the reason may be,
paths just don't cross 
on their own if they weren't
predestined to be...

it's what we do with 
every opportunity 
that is offered us
that matters after all
is said and done..
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