Autumn's Finest

Seasonal Poetry

Autumn draped in her finest;
admiring lake shades of sepia blue, 
surrounded by stained glass hues of multicolored leaves filtering light, 
in orange shades of peach, tea rose or electric tangerine
all the shrubs and bushes wearing rustling ruffles like a caprice perfumed sprite gleefully haunting the forest. 

The petrichor of autumn aromas 
carried by the northern wind, 
like aphrodisiac jasmine, sandal wood and vanilla,
autumn with all its richness has such a thrilling effect, 
as the lake and forest are wearing mulberry shadows at dusk;
Never was autumn more beautiful than now.

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Stephen's picture

A little early but a beautiful write.


Sassylass's picture

Hi Stephen

Because I'm surrounded in fire and 117 degree heat.


Need rain desperately. 

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....