Fire Goddess


Lava flows from ancient mountain,
where something rose out of the 
rising like a fiery fountain,
from the flames it raised up higher.

Burning lava shaped its essence,
heated magma formed a woman.
blazing beauty iridescence,
absolutely wasn’t human.

From the magma, she came walking,
burning everything that she brushed.
pure devastation came knocking,
took her time, she wouldn’t be rushed.

Everything she touched was burning,
so nothing near her would remain.
like a demon she's returning,
normality became insane.

The smell of burnt forest was thick,
and palm trees smoldered on the ground.
The smoke would make so many sick,
and screams were heard from all around.

Heading straight into the ocean,
and finally, doused her fire went out.
life was spent without emotion,
never once did she turnabout.

Nothing of her was ever found,
magma now was completely spent
fire goddess went underground,
retreats to hell from where she's sent
Author's Notes/Comments: 

My prayers are for my home and family in Hawaii

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