Longing for Warmth


The home of craggy sorrow

hugs a solitary widow 
watcher at a pale silent window 
the dead empty hopeless path
carries the northern cold winds 
grey morning.into the gloomy strath. 

Folding time, impatience and longing, 
all day long wishing for friends
nibbling illusions of joyful shades 
a miserable heart of angst never ends
her eyes salty reservoirs always ready to cry

wishing for the end, but too weary to try.

O love, how untold words are cold ink
everlasting homage to warmth of memories

a bitter cup she daily must drink

I doubt she will seek among the dead stars
long ago vanished glistening bright and clear 
like sad eyes when full of precious tears 

guards her peace and banishes her fears. 

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