Spring Refreshing


Crystal translucent and calm, 
the cattails are stretching in shallows
like sentinels guarding 
the vast dark, deep end 
of the garden pond
shimmering invitingly 
across the Spring landscape

I want to lie upon 
the grassy cleft
put a toe into the water, 
feel the sun on my legs and face
be at home to slide within
the pond again,
hidden from the madness 
of the world

fathoms of blue above
and plush green beneath
I'll soon joyfully float free of 
the shackles of troubles
just to breathe.and be 
refreshed peaceably
with tiny.turtles and fish, 
their curious eyes fixed in fascination
until they know I'm friend not foe
exquisitely slipping into sweet harmony
as radiance warms, saturates
and soothes my weary soul.

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Stephen's picture

Very beautiful poem.


Sassylass's picture


Tihanks so very much!

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....