Love Poems

my dawns are birthed 
within dewdrops, 
fresh as blissful sparkles; 

and I've bathed in 
refreshing enchantments 
of raindrops;

spilled kaleidoscope 
of emotions inside teardrops, 
betwixt pleasuring hues 
and painful rues, 

amidst these globules,
some still unbroken...

now I'm breathing inside 
forever daydream made of you; 
ethereal effervescence...

amongst the beauties 
of all these bubbles; 
none could 
ever compare to you...

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Breautifully worded write.  --   Stephen

Sassylass's picture

Thank you

A wow from you is quite an encouraging word.

I appreciate your time to read it and comment so very much.

Be blessed 


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....