Cherry Blossom Avenue

Seasonal Poetry

The Spring on time, makes its debut,
in champagne rosé flowers bright;
sublime, this welcome change delight.

Long summer months to now ensue,
now spreading warmth as nature sings;
such joys and happiness it brings.

On cherry blossom avenue,
here row on row of petals wave;
this time of year all artists crave.

The pinkest delicates accrue,
as down below a carpet laid;
all rainbow colours in the shade.

With mottled textured strokes he drew,
sweet picturesque idyllic scene;
so perfectly in hues serene.

The spring on time makes its debut,
Long summer months to now ensue,
On cherry blossom avenue,
The pinkest delicates accrue,
With mottled textured brush he drew.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Costanza Form

My second.


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Cherry Blossom

The picture is beautiful and the poem is of course exqiuisite.  Stephen

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The picture inspired me.

The form is new go me.

It was for a contest

I appreciate

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....