Tranquility Transcends



The sun slips over the horizon,
the slow river covered by shadow.
The passionate full moon looks wizened,
It’s quite a brilliant beautiful show.

The ruby glow is quickly fading,
darkness seems to eerily descend.
Listen to nature serenading,
as soft musical beauty transcends.

The sight is just simply amazing,
serenity is felt all around.
The diamond stars above are blazing,
at heavenly beauty they have found.

Trees are silently a sentinel,
standing guard by shadowed riverbank.
They seem so magically surreal
in shadow looking mystically swank.

Enjoy the easy peaceful feeling,
while bewitching time has slowed way down.
Your senses soar and begin reeling,
Floating away in natures hushed sound.
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Stephen's picture

Tranquility Transcends

Very beautiful poem.  Nice picture too.  Stephen

Sassylass's picture


Very appreciative that you read it and liked it.



Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....