Turmoil translated thunderous ink
the music of ebb and flow
drowned by raging tempest of anarchy
arching to touch achromatic sky
violence of the masses
rips open wide a wake of destruction.

Where is the sweet balm of mystic moonlight;
those raidant lanterns to guide in mists 
to welling swells of hope and miracles
on peaceful shores of perpetuity?

Arise and shine
Oh, candles of joy
Put on the garments of praise
for this Spirit of heaviness;

Shout out the song of love
awakening sleeping giants,
the roar of faith reverberating upon 
rock and sand shores of despair
hushing winters ragged breath
faith unfolded in prayers to dispel
angry waves of anarchy

Purple vespers of healing
Ambassadors of freedom
leading the poor in spirit
to rushing streams of freshness
rapture of their eyes,
waltzing kaleidoscopes
toward a clear day;

New visions color the vast horizon
silver and gold, infinite clouds witness
Sol and Luna unite

You and I at peace
a harbour of love
safely united at last.
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