Serendipitous Sometimes




 the undisturbed tranquility of twilight hours

 paralyzes life and every fading motive

 with its sovereign emptiness.



 the eloquence of silence captures me, 

 conquers any vestige of past pleasures,

 even those fugitive memories of ephemeral bliss.



 a waft of fragrant lavender 

 whispers its dulcet voice from neighboring gardens,

 where children run to welcome summer.




 I think of destiny and serendipity,

 with languor in my eyes, in my quiet spirit,

 where dreams as mirages expect miracles.



 life flows downward

 widening regrets, but I no longer cry.

 I accept the splendor of inertia, its effervescent agony.



 nightfall comes slowly

 and remains indifferent about

 a new day of sunshine promise..


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