Hear The Call

Americans heard the call today

Come bow your heads and pray

Red and Yellow black or white

Its time to join the spiritual fight

In God we trust, just as we ought

In Him this battle will be fought

Onwards together in faith and victory

We shall arise and set this nation free

No enemy can destroy or discourage

We are a people of great courage

Out of the devastation and ashes

We shall appear in our masses

No time to wander from the path

As we walk in the aftermath

Come one come all short or tall

We shall not see our people fall

Together as one in harmony

We shall form a mighty army

Triumphant we all in our quest

We’ll see this nation again at rest

We shall be jubilant and rejoice

Coming together with one voice

The enemy against us cannot stand

As we hold on to the Masters hand

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To one and all let us indeed hear the call to pray for our great nation

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