The best brains from Cambridge couldn’t concoct what I did,

During the summers under the effervescent streets of Madrid.

An amalgam that could infuse life,

Into the dying soldier who lays forgotten during the civil strife.

This elixir was my most precious dream,

And there were only two beings who deserved its lively stream.

No other being shall taste this communion wine,

For my parents now blind and weak lay paralyzed at spine.

Injecting the only drops into their dead veins,

I could see the blood flowing and its most beautiful stains.

As they got up and kissed my face,

Thus was accomplished the biggest task of this Time & Space.

I was now together with the two lives I need,

Making them immortal and thus gods would themselves plead.

I shared with them the sorrows that dwelled in my heart,

And every time they would simply run their hands over my head bringing happiness just like a bright new start.

But as years passed they grew older than ever,

Their skin growing paler and black like pepper.

They couldn’t move and their life became miserable,

And I being the reason for making their conditions deplorable.

Their joints became rigid and their body fragile,

I am sure they would feel the pain and yet make me smile.

I felt I made the biggest mistake of bringing them back from dead,

For now they face painful atrocities like blows on their head.

I just wanted them to live with me forever but I guess I shouldn’t have betrayed the nature,

For all they are now is a breathing caricature.

Hopelessness and silence crept in again,

And one day my father asked me to fetch a pen.

And what he wrote hit my faculties hard,

For he begged for death again so that they could travel together to land of the bard.

I felt like murderer but I must kill them now,

Else they shall watch me die when I reach my life’s prow.

That would be the sight they wouldn’t be able to see,

And even God wouldn’t be able to end their misery and set them free.

With heavy hands I took the poison and filled the syringe to brim,

Feeling their hands one last time before my life would again turn grim.

Without uttering a word they crept into dreamless sleep,


And I stood there motionless left all alone to weep…

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